Payment Methods
Payment with card:

CIBERPAC: through the secure system of payment by card Cyberpac.

The Cyberpac accepts payment by Visa, MasterCard and JCB. Implements secure sockets layer (SSL) encryption on all communications, which prevents the interception of information by third parties. Therefore, confidentiality is assured in all communications to be established during the transaction. All transactions made through the Cyberpac will count with the best guarantees of security, confidentiality and integrity to the participating agents: cardholders and issuers, and shops and acquirers.

Cash: In this mode, the customer can pay the amount of your order to the receipt of the same, delivering the total order amount directly to the delivering carrier. It is important to bear in mind that this mode of payment increases the price of the order, due to the costs for processing. These costs are always shown to the client after the selection of the method of payment and before finalizing your order. The commission of 3% is a refund on the order shipping costs, being the minimum charge for reimbursement of 2€.

Bank Transfer: payment by bank transfer is the most used to make purchases on the Internet, as the ease of payment comes together with the confidence that the client deposits in the security of computer systems that implements its own bank. Must be performed to make your request in writing to the bank account that you indicate. Your order will be processed at the time of confirm the receipt of the transfer by our Accounting Department.

Bank: La Caixa

Bank account:ES96 5813 2100 0002 8802 5102

Recipient: Polo Swing, S.L. please indicate your order number and/or name and surname


Credit card payments can be made through the secure PayPal system. Select the PayPal option in the purchasing process and proceed with the payment process within the platform PayPal.