Procedure to know the size that I need

to calculate the size you need to properly measure various parts of your body.

Measurements have to be made in centimeters and without the tape measure torque:

Chest: The measurement has to do with the tape measure around the contour of the chest by the widest part, and take into account the fact that the table of measures indicates the width of the garment.
Waist belt: The contour of the waist is measured by the narrowest part. (In case of doubt measure with the button fastened and extended a garment of habitual use and the extent will coincide with the size you need)
Outline of hip: the outline of the hip is measured by the widest part.
Crotch (long trousers) : from the highest point of the thigh to the ankle.
In case of doubt between two sizes, it is recommended to choose the most extensive.


Measures Man Swing Pole man
size man

women Swing Pole measures:

measures women
size women

Talllas Children:

Child Size